From Firsts to First Grade (Week 1)


It’s hard to believe that you’re six years old.  I like to remember the day you were born, my first born son, and all the firsts that came with having a new baby for the first time – first smile, first laugh, first time rolling and sitting, first words, first full night of sleep…  This year it’s another first, but it’s FIRST grade.  How you have grown!

We have completed your first official week of homeschooling for the year.  It had its ups and downs, but I’m trying to concentrate on the ups. 🙂  Once we get started in your lessons, you are so creative and your vocabulary is so sweet.  I love hearing your responses to questions, and the words you choose to use.  You are very quick with the math lessons we’re working on, and you love playing math games.  You have such an easy time remembering the things you learn in Science and Social Studies.  I wish I still had a memory like that!  Fortunately, you do a good job helping me remember things too.  Your heart can be so big, and I just love it when you show compassion and kindness to your brothers and other people.

My goals this week are to keep your emotions calm and your motivation high, and for me to be more organized so that I can have an easier time staying a step ahead of you.  Thank you for all the hard work you do.  God has blessed me with you as my son, and while you are learning from and with your mama every day, I am going to try to make sure that I use YOU to teach me new things too.

I’m so proud of you and I love you so much!



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